Triple Layer Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Ahhh, springtime. Yesterday I went on my first ride of the year where I did not have to wear arm and leg warmers. As I crested hills and looked down on trees, I could see the bright green hue of brand new leaves trying to burst out (kinda like Jim Carey in Pet Detective). It was also my first ride of the year that I had to battle bugs. Bugs in my teeth, eyes, ears. Big fat flying ones that really hurt when I am flying down hill and I swear that they take direct aim at my cheek. Continue reading

Salty Rocky Road Fudge

I never said I was up to date. I may be a human calendar, but I am quite often late to the dance. Whether it was catching up to the scrunchie trend in middle school, or getting my sister her birthday present, I figure good things (and style) come to those who wait. You never know how quickly a trend might go out of style (are skinny jeans ever going to go out?), or someone might change their mind and all the sudden the gift you bought for them is now yours (funny how that happens to my benefit sometimes). So, I figured the recipes for all the treats that I made on my Post-Christmas-Christmas-Baking on New Year’s Eve Eve could wait until I was good and ready. They could wait until I felt like I could handle another bit of indulgence after the holidays (I was ready on January 2 by the way). And really, this recipe is a year round recipe. Even more than the Hot Cocoa Cookies and the Eggnog Filled Pecan Florentine Cookies. Continue reading

Eggnog Filled Pecan Florentine Cookies

Eggnog. Is this one of those love it or hate it foods like cilantro and anchovies? One that if you didn’t tell a proclaimed cilantro/anchovy/eggnog avoider that there was cilantro/anchovy/eggnog in the fabulous food you were about to serve them, they would never even know it was there. In fact, they would go on to rave about it, but there was something in there they couldn’t quite put their finger on. Continue reading

Hot Cocoa Cookies

I If you know me, you know I am a pretty healthy person. I exercise regularly (maybe to a fault), and I eat a fairly balanced diet (sometimes I even excel at balancing cookies, kale, buttermilk biscuits and coconut water). I take my vitamins, I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink excessive alcohol (but don’t ask Matt about New Year’s Eve). If you know me, you have rarely, if ever, seen me sick. I don’t get the sniffles, I scoff at the flu (I swear I had every intention of getting a flu shot last fall), and if I feel something coming on, I will go run it out, or go to hot yoga and sweat it out.

Continue reading