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There is nothing new about a blog sharing a list of websites, recipes, YouTube videos and pictures. I love reading the list that Tracy at Shutterbean puts together every week. It gives me ideas, makes me laugh and sometimes makes me stop and take a breath. What I also like is that the list compiles thoughts on a weekly basis that she can go back and look at throughout the year.

So, with a nod to Tracy, below is my first weekly list of the year (three weeks late). You might laugh, you might drool, you might roll your eyes, you might click on the link.

1. Sunday night we celebrated my sister’s birthday at Rioja with Mom, Dad, Matt, Milan and my Aunt Nancy. I have been there before for brunch and had the bacon. You need to experience the bacon at Rioja. The service was fantastic as always and the menu was full of homemade pastas, fresh ideas and amazing flavors. I didn’t take pictures, but this guy did. Scroll down and see the bacon dish. Tell me you aren’t drooling over all of it.
2. After dinner at Rioja, we went to see War Horse. I didn’t see the movie or read the book and I am glad I didn’t. The play was incredible. I don’t go to the theater very often, but I love going. The horses on stage were puppets, controlled by puppeteers. The first time “Joey” came on to the stage as a foal I could see the puppeteers controlling him. But as the play went on, I forgot they were there. The subtle movements of the horse’s chest moving as it took a breath in, the ears twitching and even the placement of the feet as the horse shied at something, were so realistic. I loved the chance to go out with family and get dressed up!
3. One of the managers at work told me that she was craving a rich, chocolate layer cake. I asked her if I could make a cake for her in attempt to fulfill the craving. When I brought the cake to her I told her she didn’t have to share if she didn’t want, but that when she cut into it she had to send me a picture. She didn’t share, so I think I was successful. Then she put it in the microwave and the ganache icing became melted goodness. 014a3e1d-88e9-4ef4-b020-6dde62a9163eI used this recipe from The Pioneer Woman.
4. I love going to the Highlands neighborhood in Denver but I don’t go often enough. I went to lunch at Stella’s this week and had their lasagna that was on special. Not your traditional red sauce lasagna, this had a smoky chipotle arrabbiata sauce and was layered with vegetables and cheese. I would go back for that! Then I saw a post on Facebook from a friend that had gone to Uncle. Another reason to go to the Highlands.
5. Words to remember
6. This shortbread looks so good! And, I happen to have all of the ingredients. Hmmm…pre-work project?
7. Hummus might be the love of my life, second of course to Matt, and spring rolls. This hummus looks dreamy.
8. After several days of single digit temperatures, it was finally warm enough to take the dogs for a walk. I went late in the afternoon and the sunlight created uber cool shadows!
9. Matt was in California for a few days this week, so Wednesday night I had the house to myself. I found a playlist on iHeart Radio perfect for listening to while I slowed down for a few hours and made and ate dinner with a glass of wine. No TV, no computer. Just my book and a glass of wine. I made a Greek lentil salad and sauteed carrots (recipe and pictures to come. The picture I took of the carrots last night looked like little smokies!).
10. I am addicted to my salads lately. So pretty! This recipe will be up soon as well.

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