Best Of, Would Love To Have, Look What I Found, Week In Pictures, All-In-One List

1. Dad and I are riding in our first century ride of the year in Solvang, CA in March. This past Fall and over the holidays I did not ride nearly as much as I have in past years. So as the century ride approaches I begin to question my fitness and ability to make it through a 100 mile ride. We have done this even twice before and it is my favorite ride of every event we have done. In the past this ride has taken 7-8 hours to complete. I will be happy to just finish the ride this year even if it takes me 24 hours. To get ready for the ride, I am going to do the Tour of Sufferlandia. If you want to see how crazy Dad and I are, check out the videos at The Sufferfest. And then pray for me starting this Saturday!

2. Matt and Carson took me out to Red Rocks last weekend to take some pictures. Last fall Matt and Carson started birding. They have found so many birds that I wouldn’t have ever taken a second look at. They even set up a website of their finds. Both of them have become great photographers. When I go with them I do my best not to scare the birds away and take some pictures of something other than food!

3. For Christmas Dad gave me a pasta roller, and I finally broke it out on Monday.
I didn’t roll the pasta thin enough, but the fat strands of fettucine were perfectly cooked and just melted in my mouth. Recipe to come!

4. Loving the voice of Nataly Dawn.

5. And Beth Orton

6. I need a bit of organization for my hoards (read sarcasm here) of jewelry. I like this idea.

7. Recipe testing for the special menu this weekend, I made a radish risotto and “Italian Chicken Fried Chicken.” So good, yet I didn’t take pictures. I did however take the leftover risotto to the restaurant, roll it into balls, coat it in egg and bread crumbs and fry them. Hello!! This might just make an appearance on the restaurant menu soon!

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